Yixing Fan


Assistant Professor

CAS Key Lab of Web Data Science and Technology

Institute of Computing Technology (ICT)

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  • Email : fanyixing@ict.ac.cn
  • Office: : (8610)62600964
  • Address : NO. 6 Kexueyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China, 100190
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Yixing Fan is an assistant professor at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Computing Techonology, CAS in 2018 under supervising by Prof. Jiafeng Guo. Before that, He get a B.S. degree in Cognitive Science from Xiamen University in 2012. His current research is focused on deep learning in text matching tasks, including ranking, query answering, paraphrase identification.

Highlight: Open ToolKit for Deep Text Matching & Neural IR
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  • PC Member: TheWebConf2021, WSDM2021, SIGIR2020, WSDM2020, CIKM2020, SIGIR2019, NLPCC2019, AAAI2019, WWW2019, CCIR2018


MatchingZoo is a toolkit for text matching. It was developed with a focus on facilitate the designing, comparing and sharing of deep text matching models. The architecture of the MatchZoo toolit is depicited in Figure. There are three major modules in the toolkit, namely data preparation, model construction, training and evaluation, respectively. These three modules are actually organized as a pipeline of data flow.


Yixing Fan, Liang Pang, Jianpeng Hou, Jiafeng Guo, Yanyan Lan and Xueqi Cheng. MatchZoo: A Toolkit for Deep Text Matching. Neu-IR: The SIGIR 2017 Workshop on Neural Information Retrieval, Tokyo, 2017.

A platform for not only reporting the performances of state-of-the-art algorithms in different domains, but also providing the corresponding datasets, codes, and scripts that can make the experimental results reproducible.