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Jiafeng Guo
 Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Big Data Analysis
Suyuan Jin
 Vulnerability Analysis, Network Security Situation and Threat Awareness, Operating System Security, Intrusion Detection
Yanyan Lan
 Machine Learning, Data Mining
Gang Li
 Web Data Mining, Wireless Sensor Networks, Social Computing, Cloud Computing
Huaming Liao
 Distributed Data Processing, Application of Big Data Technology
Shenghua Liu
 Solve the real data mining and machine learning problems, related to computation and optimization of big graphs ...
Siming Lin
 Virtualization Technology, Network Simulation
Yue Liu
 Internet Search and Data Mining, Network Science and Social Computing
Wentao Ouyang
 Crowd Intelligence, Social Computing, and Data Mining
Huawei Shen
 Social Computing, Network Science
Yuanzhuo Wang
 Analysis of network big data, Open knowledge computing, Analysis of social network, Analysis of privacy leak ...
Hongbo Xu
 Web Mining and Search, Text Classification and Clustering, Information Filtering, Question Answering System ...
Xiaoming Yu
 Large Scale Information Retrieval Technology
Zhihua Yu
 Large Scale Network Information Content Processing
Jin Zhang
 Large Scale Network Information Content Processing
Li Zha
 Distributed and Grid Computing System, Distributed System Software, Distributed Resource Management and ...