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Xueqi Cheng
 Network Science and Social Computing, Web Search and Mining, Internet Information Security, Distributed System ...
Suyuan Jin
 Vulnerability Analysis, Network Security Situation and Threat Awareness, Operating System Security, Intrusion Detection
Min Liu
 Mobile computing, Wireless network, Mobile Internet
Zhongcheng Li
 Computer network
Xiaoming Sun
 Algorithm of Social Network and Game Theory, Quantum Computing, Communication Complexity ...
Xueqing Sui
 Technology transformation
Gaogang Xie
 Software Defined Network, Internet Architecture, Network Measurement and Analysis
Jun Xu
 Information retrieval, Machine Learning and Network Big Data Analysis
Lu Xu
 Network Storage System
Zhiwei Xu
 High Performance Service Architecture, Big Data Computing and Management
Zhihua Yu
 Large Scale Network Information Content Processing
Yujun Zhang
 Future Internet Security Architecture, Internet Security Assessment and Verification