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The key laboratory of network data science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is devoted to studying the basic theory, key techniques and application systems of many areas for network data, such as sensing & acquisition, management & storage, analysis & mining of large-scale data. Its major research interests include complexity and computing theory of network data, data representation and sensing, storage and management of big data, data mining and social computing, big data and information security, and so on. The research will both support national strategic tasks and promote industry development of network data.
In recent years, the lab has taken a number of scientific research projects, including National Basic Research Programs of China (973 Program), National High-tech R&D Programs (863 Program) and National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) Projects. We have published hundreds of high quality papers in major international conferences and journals, which have gain great impact at home and abroad. We have also won a lot of national and awards, including a first and two second prizes for the National Science and Technology Progress. These research results have been successfully applied to many application areas including information security of national network space, Web search and Internet services, and E-Government etc.
The goal of the lab is to reveal the laws of network data, explore the core theory of complexity and computing for network data, and develop key techniques of ZB-level data engine. In face of big network data, the lab is committed to seeking for new computing theories, methods, models and paradigms, establishing a large scale platform system for web data analysis, and forming an internationally known research team on the new interdiscipline of many fields including social science, system science, network science and computing theory.